Welcome to the Li Group

We are a research group at the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering of Purdue University. Our aim is to develop theory, algorithms, models, and software for large-scale optimization problems with applications in sustainable energy systems.

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We are currently looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and undergraduate students to join the team (more info) !


December 2023

Can won the Air Liquide's 2023 Scientific Challenge.

November 2023

Welcome to new Ph.D. students Sai Madhukiran Kompalli and Akshdeep Singh Ahluwalia!

October 2023

Welcome to new M.S. students Abdullah Khan and Krishna Sri Ipsit Mantri!

July 2023

Hao's paper preprint, Diagnosing Infeasible Optimization Problems Using Large Language Models, has been available on arXiv!

May 2023

Asha’s new paper, Distributed manufacturing for electrified chemical processes in a microgrid, has been accepted by AIChE Journal!

November 2022

Welcome to new Ph.D. students Hao Chen and Yen-Chun Lu!

August 2022

Dr. Chi Zhang and Dr. Kaiyu Cao joined the group as Postdoctoral researchers. Welcome Chi and Kaiyu!

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